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Design Services

At CGC Landscape Design we specialize in California natives, edible pants, and small spaces. We can create a customized design solution that is perfectly tailored to your interests, needs and lifestyle. 

Home Gardening
Home Deck
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Edible Garden

Add functionality to your garden with edible plants! Either adding a few raised beds or doing an entirely edible landscape, fruits and vegetables are easy to add to your outdoor space.

Small Spaces

No matter the size, we can make the most out of your space. We can amp up your urban garden with vertical planting and plant containers. Every space has the potential to bloom into a beautiful garden.  

CA Native Plants

Using plants that are local to your area ensure that your garden will be low maintenance and drought tolerant. Native plants also benefit the surrounding ecology so you can rest assured that your garden is eco-friendly. 


Flat rate pricing is used to provide the most affordable option for our clients. 

Design & Drafting:       $75/ hr (8 hrs)

Consulting:                       $50/ hr (2 hrs)

                               1 hr Free Site Analysis


TOTAL:                                                   $700

What's Included
  • Custom Landscape Design
    Your design package deliverable comes with a plant palette, hand-drawn renderings, and CAD plans for better communication with your contractor. Once you're ready to install, we're happy to help connect you with our great network of local contractors. We provide you with a selection of trees, shrubs and ground covers to account for your planting zone and specific wants. After you show us your style and tell us how and who uses your outdoor space, we're well-equipped to choose your plants.

  • Dedicated Design Team
    Our designers at CGC Landscape Design are knowledgable professionals with years of experience in the landscape design industry. They are dedicated to providing detailed & beautiful designs for a variety of different styles. We have a creative group of designers ready to take on any opportunity for a unique design solution. 

  • Design Revision
    Once you receive your first set of hand-drawn renderings and plant list, we meet up to get your feedback. You’ll be able to communicate any feedback and questions you might have. Next, we’ll move into the second round of designs, which comes with revised renderings and 2D CAD plans for your contractor. Once you move from the design to build phase, we expect there to be changes made in the field with your contractor as well!

  • Match with Local Contractor
    In many ways our deep contractor relationships are our secret sauce. We partner only with the best, most responsive and diligent contractors for our clients' projects. Contractors in the local area love to work on CGC Landscape Design projects because every project starts with a design. They appreciate that we've already invested the work to help you arrive at a plan. So, when they enter the picture, they can get to work. Win-win.

  • Furniture & Materials Price Estimates & Sources
    Every CGC design includes shoppable furniture and materials from local suppliers. We makes sure to prioritize affordability, durability & sustainability for all of our materials. 

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