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Pet & Child-Friendly Yard

Corona, CA

Our clients wanted a back yard design for their beautiful brand new home. We emphasized the stunning view by keeping plants low & providing shade over seating area. Screening shrubs were added on neighboring fences to add some privacy. Low maintenance, shade-loving plants were added to brighten up the seating area, along with a fire pit. Modern concrete pavers cover the ground for easy maintenance. Nestled into the side yard, a small play area is set up under a citrus tree for visiting grandchildren. These home owners will enjoy their new set up for years to come. 

Shoemaker Completed 2.jpeg
Shoemaker-Santa Flora_SD11x172.jpg
Initial Designs
Shoemaker-Santa Flora_SD11x173.jpg
Shoemaker-Santa Flora_DD11x17.jpg
Final Design
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